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Encouraging Informed and Active Participation of Citizens in Government

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

From Nashville's President...

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our annual membership meeting on Tuesday, May 13 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. In addition to our annual business meeting that includes voting for approval of the slate for the 2014 Board of Directors, the annual budget, and our 2014 Program Priorities, we will also enjoy a mini-concert by members of the Nashville Symphony. Founders Hall provides an elegant atmosphere for our reception. It is the perfect venue for the announcement of our newest Molly Todd Award honoree as well as some very exciting news about the Nashville League's future. We hope you will be part of the celebration. Click here to register.

We are also preparing for a county-wide primary on May 6. With a dizzying 64 candidates running for offices in this election, it is difficult to be a well-informed voter about all of the races, especially since most of the elected offices are judicial. How do we assess who will make a good judge? We hope that the LWVN Vote 411 at will make the process easier. Our Voter Service Committee has contacted all the candidates and, in turn, the candidates who have chosen to participate have submitted basic information about themselves and answers to a set of questions that we posed. These questions focus on issues of fairness and impartiality that are so important to an independent judiciary; they gave the candidates an opportunity, in their own words, to articulate their views on these topics. The website also provides a build-your-own ballot tool that you can use to record your choice of candidates and even printout to take along when you go to vote.

LWVN also has been asked to moderate a forum with candidates for Oak Hill commissioners on May 14. The group hosting the event, Oak Hill Citizens for Better Government, recognized the value of having the League participate as an impartial, nonpartisan moderator for this community meeting. LWVN is able to play a unique role in the community by providing a neutral voice in a politically divisive environment. We will need several League volunteers to assist at this forum; please let me know if you are available for this event.

Finally, thanks to all of you who wrote letters and emails to our legislators during this Legislative Session. Three of the bills that LWV actively opposed this year, did not pass. Your voice contributed to the defeat of bills that would have allowed for-profit charter schools in Tennessee; decreased TANF payments to families in need; and restricted school boards from lobbying their state legislators.

Debby Gould, President League of Women Voters of Nashville



Consistent Voter Services

League members can impact the election process by volunteering to help educate the citizens of the community and provide opportunities for voter registration. Voter education and voter registration opportunities are continuous but peak during election years. Get involved by:

  • Planning and participating in candidate forums
  • Conducting voter registration drives at events such as the All About Women Conference and the Mayor's First Day of School Festival and assist other groups with drives
  • Speaking to groups on the voting process: community associations, schools, and GED classes
  • Working with others, such as the Tennessee Disability Coalition, to ensure access to the polls
  • Serving as poll observers on election days
  • Observing meetings of the Davidson County Election Commission
  • Monitoring and studying the election process
  • Supporting adequate resources for the election process

Strategic and Effective Issue Advocacy

League members can impact public policy by educating the public about issues important to good government and community well-being, and advocating for League positions on key issues. Because we live in the state capital, Nashville League members work on both local and state issues. We also answer calls to action from the LWVUS when issues are pending in Congress. Whatever your interests, you can get involved!

Specifically, the League advocates for access to health care; education to prepare students for responsible citizenry and the economy of the future; good stewardship of our natural resources; election processes that are fair and secure; and ethics and transparency in government. League members interested in issue advocacy can participate by:

  • Educating our members and the community by writing articles in the Voter, submitting op-ed columns, or planning and conducting public forums
  • Advocating for League positions on critical issues by writing or talking to elected officials

The League is a grass roots organization, guided by positions adopted by its members at all three League levels--local, state, and national. To learn more about the issues identified and supported by members, go to our ISSUES Page.

Please tell us how you would like to become involved by calling (615) 297-7134 or sending an email to or

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To join the League, click here: Membership to jump to our membership page where you will find our on-line or mail-in membership options. As a member you can serve on one of our committees, volunteer to work a voter registration booth, organize a candidate debate, write letters to your elected officials, work at the polls, etc. We encourage you to let us know your interests and area(s) of expertise. There is plenty to be done and we welcome your participation!

Make a Donation!

If you prefer to donate to us without joining our organization, we would appreciate your support. Your donations help the League provide voter services, sponsor forums, participate in community events and be a strong advocate for good government policy.